6 Social Networks For Fitness Freaks

Not all of us are lucky to have kids, friends, family who will genuinely spend the time to motivate us. If you are that low self-esteemed guy, wandering to do something with your body then again as everything else, go make use of the available technology. No lazy ass, we don’t have an app yet that can help you lose weight or add abs to your body. How technology helps in this field is, it connects you with like-minded people, a platform where you can post your troubles while training or a mix of the needed motivation.Go to your play story and embark on a lovely journey and make a closely knitted fitness family. You can count on the apps to track the levels of your workouts, their results apart from routine motivation.

1. Fitocracy

Fitocracy focuses on a very common trait of all living beings that is a competitive attitude. Your workout gets you points which will turn into badges. It’s competitive in a way that it helps you to enter into challenges with fellow users and chat with people with same interests. Availability: free version available for iOS and Android.

2. Extra Pounds

The app to where you won’t lose weight but it will incorporate you into an integrated network of people with the same aim of losing that stubborn weight. You even get to enjoy some good quality articles on diet, fitness and body logs. You can make use of a customized spreadsheet to plan your all day diet or post record your diet. A record of your eating habits would help you determine the level of workout you need.

3. Daily Mile

Here is another network option for fitness freaks. It’s the twitter of fitness as you track and further share the achievements. Here the only source of genuine motivation is thought to be jealousy. They believe that human nature is all about stalking their possible competitors and if they find out from their friends’ profile that they have been power working they will get the needed fits of fitness. You can post your activities on your profile.

4. Traineo

It will serve you ideally with a platform with weight loss freaks and helps you burn the calories as per your goals.

The basic Distinction of this app comes from the feature of choosing a maximum of four “motivators”, who are themselves the members of Traineo and will automatically receive your training details to send you feedback on weekly basis.

The app is also augmented with articles and discussion and chatting canvas. 

5. MBodyment

How this app stands apart from others is that “The MBodyment Fitness Network” is not just about chatting but serves you with high-quality videos for training. Here you not only connect with your fitness freak friends but there are formal groups like P90Xers and Exercise Procrastinators mentored by professional trainers, you can choose as per your body requirements and gymming preferences.

6. Spark People

You get to read and watch an array of nutrition-based articles and training videos respectively. Spark people even offers expert supervision and mentors on board are known as”Spark Coaches,”. These mentors are expert in a variety of fields ranging from yoga,  exercising healthy cooking to sound lifestyle.

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