How To Get Back In Shape After Pregnancy

Post pregnancy mommies gain a lot of weight and it is somewhat difficult to shed those extra kilos. During pregnancy, it becomes difficult to maintain the regular exercise routine and yoga practices especially when close to the delivering time and so mommies at ease often gain a lot of weight and then post-pregnancy it becomes difficult to get back to the usual routine of exercise.

Well, what is important to note down is that after pregnancy it requires a mom to be mentally prepared for the same and getting back to the normal routine requires a lot of patience and strength for the same. Many moms get back to the basic routine but again it is dependent upon your body’s capability and your inner strength. Here are a few tips to get back into your old clothes post pregnancy that certainly will help you gain back your shape and size and confidence too.

  1. Start slow: it’s important to keep a track of your health once you deliver your baby as the physiological balance of the body is important to be maintained and resorting back to heavy exercises may lead to worsening of health and may even lead to losing muscles. Mommies with a C-section have to take care of the fact that their abdomen area is extremely weak and that they have to give time to their body to get back into a normal routine. If you push yourself to heavy weight workouts then you may end up worsening your health which may never recover, so a wise decision is extremely important in this case.
  2. Keep a check on your pelvic floor: checking your pelvic floor is important as later if you turn up doing pilates or squats or crunches then it may put up great pressure on your abdominal area and it may lead to widening or may even lead to malfunctioning organ. Also, the pelvic floor is an important part of our body and heavy exercises suddenly may lead to loosening of muscles in the area.
  3. Proper rest: well, this is the most important thing a mom should practice. If you are indulged in any form of exercises like aerobics or yoga then you will have to take proper care of your body and adequate rest as well. At the same time, you have to maintain a proper diet because you are feeding a newborn. Also, proper resting will let you practice more of what you want and think wisely. So proper rest is important while exercising especially after delivering a baby.
  4. Stay Hydrated: drink as much water as you can especially when breastfeeding your child. Stay hydrated while exercising as well because your body after pregnancy is weak and in order to avoid fainting or dehydration one should be well hydrated.
  5. Let the bleeding stop: before going on for anything wait for your bleeding to stop otherwise it will never let your body heal after delivery.

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